It's EASY to sell Pure Comfort,
Performance and Style

Caldera Promises

Great Products, Great Company

Our thoughtful selection of spa models covers a wide range of price points, ensuring that you’ll be able to satisfy the needs of any shopper.

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Watch as the comfort, performance and style story unfolds.

Business Solutions

If you’re successful, we’re successful. Our dedicated Sales and Marketing staff are committed to helping grow your business.

A Three Tiered Approach:

What the Consumer Sees Before Coming in Your Door

  • Traditional Marketing
  • Online Presence
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Location
  • Storefront Signage
  • Vehicles

What the Consumer Sees After Coming Through Your Door

  • Showroom Design
  • Products
  • P.O.P
  • Strategic Pricing
  • Trained Sales Staff
  • Lead Management

What the Consumer Sees After Purchasing from Your Business

  • Delivery
  • Warranty
  • Customer Service
  • Aftermarket Sales
  • Trade-In Sales
  • Ongoing Relationship

Demand Creation

We are going to help increase your customer base

National & Local Advertising

Watkins Manufacturing consistently invests to advertise its brands nationally and supports you locally.

  • Watkins continues to provide a comprehensive local co-op advertising program.
  • Checks and credit memos are issued monthly to pay co-op claims.
  • Real-time account balances and claims history are available online 24 hours a day.
Strong Online Presence

Over 70% of hot tub buyers are doing online research before making a purchase decision.

  • Caldera® Spas consistently appears at or near the top of the leading search engines.
  • The Watkins marketing team provides you with turn-key solutions to ensure your Web site has high search engine visibility.
  • is one of the most sophisticated and informative Web sites in the industry.


Lead Management

Watkins generates and distributes leads, and supports your follow up efforts.

These are free, qualified leads that have requested product information and are in the market for a spa!

    Watkins collects leads from national advertising and promotional efforts.
    Watkins sends the leads to each local dealer, driving traffic into your showroom and generating sales.
    Watkins sends all leads a thank you e-mail with the local spa dealer’s location and contact information, and a link to the online Caldera Spas brochure.


Increased Sales Through Strategic Marketing

In addition to promoting the Caldera brand with industry-leading collateral materials, in-store merchandising and Internet communications, we also reach consumers through national and local advertising campaigns.

National & Local Advertising

Brand Toolkit

As a Caldera® Spas dealer, you will have access to an incredible selection of effective advertising materials and ideas to help differentiate your company and the Caldera Spas brand from competitors.

  • Customisable newspaper, radio, coupon and direct mail templates
  • Proven examples of successful advertising campaigns, created by other Caldera Spas dealers
  • All Caldera Spa promotional assets including: videos (720 and 1080), images (tiff and jpeg), logos, sell sheets and online brochure links

Watkins Manufacturing is an industry leader in online technology. Our Dealer Extranet provides you with instant access to:

  • Owner level support, such as price lists and showroom recommendations
  • Sales training materials
  • Service diagnostic tools
  • And much more!
Dealer Websites

The Watkins marketing team has created tools designed to enhance your online presence:

  • Web site development check list and recommendations
  • Turn-key Search Engine Optimisation solutions
  • Web design and development partner

Industry’s Premier Sales Trainer

Scott Iverson, the industry’s premier sales trainer, engages novice sellers and veterans alike in a customer-friendly, real world approach that has long been known for generating selling confidence and immediate results.

When you participate in Scott’s training, you can expect:

  • A comfortable, encouraging, and challenging environment regardless of sales experience.
  • Customised strategies tailored to the unique styles of both the seller and the shopper.
  • A full immersion environment, where students are taught the skills to win the sale.
  • Consumer psychology-based courses that are constantly refreshed to reflect the ever-changing marketplace.
  • Increased confidence and sales!

Sales Training Topics:

  • Developing sales strategies to guide customers through the decision making process
  • Strategies and habits to create business rather than wait for it
  • Understanding today’s consumer and how to effectively communicate with them
  • Overcoming objections throughout the decision making process
  • Create urgency to shorten the purchasing cycle

In addition to Scott’s phenomenal sales training resources, you’ll also benefit from a dedicated Regional Sales Manager, who is available to:

  • Conduct in-store sales training
  • Advise on store layout and design
  • Help develop strategies for enhancing your online presence
  • Advise on successful sales events

Scott Iverson
Watkins Team Member since 1988

Dedicated Retail Marketing Manager

Our dedicated Retail Marketing Manager, Mario Maichel, is here to help set you apart from the competition.

Mario provides dealer direct consultation in the following areas:

  • Annual planned Marketing & Promotional Calendar
  • Web site development and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Local, personalized marketing support
  • Local, personalized marketing support
  • Regional Marketing Camps
  • Seminars & webinars focusing on the latest dealer best practices and how to implement them within your business


  • Caldera® Spas branded merchandising elements dramatically communicate the key advantages and benefits of our products and clearly identify and describe the individual spa models.

Mario Maichel
Watkins Team Member since 2004

Exceeding Consumer Demands.

Product Lines
From premium to value level selections, our spa products far exceed the expectations of today’s discerning yet value conscious consumers.

We Deliver

We know that once you’ve made the sale, it is critical to be able to deliver
the spa as quickly as possible.

  • Even in peak seasons our shipping lead times typically run about 10 working days from order confirmation to shipment.
  • Our exceptional production capacity ensures that we can easily accommodate substantial sales growth.
  • Our use of enclosed trailers available upon dealer request, virtually eliminates freight damage.
  • Spa covers, accessories, chemicals, marketing materials and service parts are shipped free on truck with your spa orders.

Retail spa dealers collect revenue when they deliver not when they sell. Watkins’ goal is always to make the period between the two as short as possible'

VJ Teenarsipur,
President of Watkins Manufacturing

Exceeding Consumer Demands.

From premium to value level selections, our spa products far exceed the expectations of
today’s discerning yet value conscious consumers.

The Caldera® Spas lineup consists of three series.


Cantabria™  |  Seats 8 Adults

Geneva™ |  Seats 6 Adults

Niagara™ |  Seats 7 Adults

Tahitian™ |  Seats 6 Adults

Florence™ |  Seats 6 Adults

Ravello™ |  Seats 3 Adults

Makena™ |  Seats 6 Adults

Salina™ |  Seats 7 Adults

Reunion™ |  Seats 7 Adults

Seychelles™ |  Seats 6 Adults

Martinique™ |  Seats 5 Adults

Kauai™ |  Seats 3 Adults

Palatino™ |  Seats 6 Adults

Marino™ |  Seats 6 Adults

Vanto™ |  Seats 7 Adults

Capitolo™ |  Seats 5 Adults

Celio™ |  Seats 3 Adults

Aventine™ |  Seats 2 Adults