Finding Your Perfect
Hot Tub Just Got Easier.

Download Vision™ AR by Caldera® Spas.

Use our free virtual hot tub placement tool to shop and compare models virtually, in any colour
combination, and see how they look in your space. Vision AR makes it simple to find your perfect spa.

Explore Hot Tub Models

Browse 3D images of our hot tubs to find the features, design, and size you’re looking for. Try out different colour combinations to find your perfect match. Then, save your top choices to your favourites list.

See Them in Your Space.

Point your device’s camera where you want your hot tub. With a touch, a three-dimensional image of the hot tub will appear on your screen. Adjust its position until you find the perfect spot for your new spa.

Snap and Share.

Tap the camera icon to take a picture and share your dream spa with friends, family, landscapers, contractors or your local dealer.

Transform Your Vision into Reality.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, connect with your local Caldera Spas dealer to share your favourites. They’ll take care of the final details and before you know it, you’ll be relaxing in your own hot tub haven!

Vision AR App by Caldera Spas.

Finding a hot tub that fits your lifestyle and your space has never been so easy.

Find a Dealer.

Count on your local Caldera Spas dealer to help make your experience easy and enjoyable.