Caldera Hot Tubs – Garden Oasis Installation Ideas

It can be a family retreat, a private oasis, or a place to renew and just appreciate your home surroundings. Our customers enjoy sharing photos of their hot tub with us—the environments are as diverse as their reasons for owning a spa. Create your own garden oasis with a Caldera Hot Tub. We hope you gain inspiration from this gallery of hot tub deck ideas or hot tub garden retreats. The places to put a hot tub are vast—from a lakeside dock to an English garden to a sprawling Suburban garden. You are only limited by your imagination … and access to electrical power and a hose, of course. For hot tub installation tips, be sure to visit the planning guides section of our website.

Once you’ve taken delivery of your new Caldera Utopia Series, Paradise Series or Vacanza Series hot tub, we’d love to see photos of your installation. Your home could be featured in our hot tub installation gallery. Share your Caldera hot tub installation with us on Facebook. You can download our gallery of hot tub installations to keep as inspiration for creating your own private retreat

Garden Oasis Installation Ideas

This book of hot tub installation ideas is compiled from our top selection of entries from our 2015 Sweet Spot Photo Contest. It includes 25 beautiful hot tub installation ideas submitted by Caldera spa owners. Each hot tub installation is a space where someone has carved out a magical place for relaxation and renewal. Whether you put your hot tub nestled near a shade tree or set it into a redwood deck, it’ll fast become your place for daily renewal and family time.

Utopia Series Installation Ideas

Is the traditional wood siding on a hot tub too limiting for your home style or design vision? This book of hot tub installations features a variety of hot tub deck ideas or garden hot tub installations that will surprise and inspire even the most discerning home designer. It features a variety of architectural styles and settings, including Cottage, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Mid-century Modern, Cape Cod, Craftsman and Ranch, among others. There are 13 distinct home styles featuring the Utopia Series – our most luxurious spa line that features a cabinet that is transformative in its design and adapts to its environment.

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