Why design matters to you

With a range of colour and cabinet choices, lighting features, and entertainment options, it’s easy to find the right hot tub that transforms your environment and your life.

Exterior Design

To get the most wellness benefits from your hot tub, you’ll want to use it often. It’s important to choose a hot tub that fits your space and is built to endure the elements. Contemporary colours, sculpted design and rugged durability are hallmarks of the EcoTech™  cabinet that you'll find on each Caldera spa.

Interior Details

It’s not just what you see on the outside that makes a Caldera spa beautiful. Our thoughtful design details go beyond the sweeping contours of the acrylic spa shell and ample interior. We give special attention to every component detail, from lights and speaker placement to the design of jets, diverters, and pillows—and down to the pattern in the footwell.

Lighting Enhancement

Nothing sets a mood like the right lighting. Each of our three series of spas features its own lighting system, designed to complement the beauty and elegance of the spa.

Soothing Sound

Whether you’re relaxing on your patio or rejuvenating in your spa, music is a must-have item. Optional entertainment systems let you enjoy music through the spa’s waterproof speakers.

Hot Tub Pricing Legend

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