How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

Hot Tub Pricing Legend

How much does a hot tub cost? Well, the simple answer is: it depends on your hot tub. A bare-bones rotationally-molded hot tub, at the absolute lowest end of the spectrum, can cost around £3,195. At the other end, the best portable hot tubs commercially available might exceed £26,695. The reason there’s such a large difference is that there is a broad range of hot tub sizes, features, materials, designs, and performance available.

Pricing can also vary based on warranty, ongoing service, and customer location. So basically the answer is that the price of your hot tub depends on what you want in your hot tub. Do you value low energy bills, powerful jets, and durable materials? Do aesthetic considerations, like a streamlined and comfortable design, multicoloured lighting, and waterfalls make a big difference to you? Here’s a quick guide to the major features available in different spas that can affect their price so you can learn about the average cost of a spa.

Starting PriceComfortPerformanceDesignCompare To
LUXURY£15,095 – £26,695Circuit therapy with 6-8 stations, neck, hip and wrist jetsThe most jets, touchscreen control panel, secondary control panel, Revolutionary salt system water care, Diagnostic logo light, EnergyPro circulation pump, titanium heater and ABS base pan for increased energy efficiencyHigh-end and durable cabinetry that accents home and garden, adjustable interior and exterior lightingUtopia™ Series from
Caldera Spas
PREMIUM£11,495 – £16,295Circuit therapy with 4-6 stationsMany jets, LCD control panel, ABS base pan for increased energy efficiencyHigh-end cabinetry, Interior lightingParadise™ Series from
Caldera Spas
VALUE-PRICED£6,795 – £11,695Circuit therapy with 2-5 stationsFewer jets, LCD control panel, FROG water care systemAdvanced cabinet design, Interior lightingVacanza™ Series from
Caldera Spas
ENTRY-LEVEL£3,195 – £5,795Basic seating and jet options Fewer and less powerful jetsShell and cabinet are one materialFantasy Spas®

Hot Tub Pricing Legend

When you are browsing Caldera hot tub models on our website, you will see dollar signs next to each model indicating the price level. These pound signs are there to help you understand the price ranges of a Caldera spa. You can find the below chart in addition to price ranges for each specific model on our shop page when browsing for the model that is the best fit for you.

Up to £5,795 £6,795 - £11,695
£11,495 - £16,295£15,095 - £26,695

Dealers have sole discretion to set actual prices, which will vary based on options, accessories, installation costs, destination charges, finance charges, taxes and other local factors.
Talk to your local dealer for your price and to take advantage of ongoing promotions and offers

Cost of a Hot Tub

Luxury Hot Tubs

£15,095 – £26,695

A luxury hot tub like the Utopia™ Series, is for the customer who wants the ultimate personal wellness haven. This type of hot tub usually comes equipped with top features, accompanied by the most extensive warranty protection. It will generally offer high design, low operating costs, maximum comfort, minimal maintenance, the best massage jets, and efficient operation. On a luxury spa, you are likely to find:

  • The best water care options. Premium systems for hot tub water care require fewer chemicals to maintain sparkling and clean water. These systems reduce heavy chemical use so your skin feels soft and refreshed, not dried out. The easy-to-use FreshWater® Salt System is ready to use on Caldera Utopia Series spas, giving you longer lasting, natural feeling water using fewer chemicals than traditional water care systems.
  • The best components. Luxury hot tubs are made with great care to minimise unwanted noise and maintenance. Luxury hot tub components are built to perform reliably for a long time and are backed by a comprehensive warranty.
  • The best construction. Hot tub construction is directly correlated to durability and energy efficiency. On a luxury hot tub, the base pan protects the components, enhances the look of the spa, and minimises ground contact to promote heat retention. All-climate cabinetry withstands exposure to the elements without cracking, splitting or chipping. Acrylic resists stains, scratches, and sun damage.
  • The best and most advanced jets. In addition to greater numbers of jets, the best hot tubs offer jets that are well-placed, more powerful, and customisable, allowing you to adjust the strength, sequence, or combination of jets in use depending on your needs at the time.
  • The best energy efficiency. An energy-efficient spa costs less to run. Often, lower utility bills offset a higher purchase price over time.
  • Advanced design. Relaxation and rejuvenation involve all the senses. Elegant lines and colours complement the flow and calm of the water. The luxury spa is an aesthetic focal point, with colours, textures, and lighting to enhance the mood.
  • Advanced control options and entertainment. Luxury hot tubs often include  secondary control panels on the bar top, wireless controllers, and even apps that let you set your spa’s temperature, and adjust the jets and lights. Advanced features include audio and visual entertainment systems.
  • Strongest warranties. The various components of your spa will have different warranties, but you can generally expect warranty coverage to last between five and ten years or longer for top-quality hot tubs.

Premium Hot Tubs

£11,495 – £16,295

On a premium spa like the Paradise Series, you’ll see advanced engineering and robust features for long-lasting owner satisfaction. These spas don’t come prepackaged with every bell and whistle available, but they are designed for the hot tub owner who wants a nice hot tub and the option to add preferred upgrades.

These are some of the features you might see on a premium hot tub:
  • Energy-efficiency. Dense, multi-layered insulation preserves heat in most premium hot tubs, reducing the energy it takes to keep your water at the temperature you desire.
  • Water care options. The popular FreshWater® Salt System is also  available on Caldera Paradise Series spas.
  • High jet counts. Depending on the model, some premium hot tubs have a large number of jets, run by a powerful pump. Instead of looking simply at jet counts, pay attention to the locations of the jets on a hot tub. A Caldera spa has jets that are designed in the most ideal locations to target specific muscle groups.
  • Control system options. Control systems on premium models will be easy to use and conveniently located. However, they may not be as advanced as luxury controls, and wireless apps may not be available.
  • Comfortable interior. At the premium level, well-designed seats will keep you from floating to the surface, even when powerful jets are on.
  • Beautiful exterior. Streamlined cabinets make premium hot tubs aesthetically pleasing, serving as the centerpiece of a garden or porch.

Value-Priced Hot Tubs

£6,795 – £11,695

Value hot tubs might be a good fit for you if you are new to hot-tubbing, or are not looking for a hot tub that has every bell and whistle available. The Vacanza Series uses the Frog® System with pre-filled cartridges to maintain clear water for your spa. Rest assured that the Vacanza Series includes many of the comfort, design and performance details you come to expect from Caldera hot tubs. 

On the other hand, the lower sticker price on a value-priced hot tub might come with trade-offs wth some brands. There are value-priced spas with enticing features but poor performance, and those with quality performance likely lack flashier features. For example, a spa in this price range may feature a glossy acrylic shell and multicoloured lighting or a high jet count, at the cost of less powerful jets or louder operation. The best value-priced hot tub models will have excellent performance but few flashy features—not the other way around.


Entry-Level Hot Tubs

£3,195 – £5,795

Entry-level hot tubs are usually rotationally-molded, and the cabinet and shell are all one piece. The surface may be durable, but it may not have the shiny appearance and smooth feel of acrylic. Options at this level are very much scaled back, with fewer lights and water features, less powerful pumps, and basic water care options.

Their durability makes rotationally-molded spas a big quality step above inflatable hot tubs, while still being fairly portable. These hot tubs give you the opportunity to enjoy a spa without investing heavily.

A spa is an experience that you will share and enjoy—hopefully for years to come. When choosing the right hot tub, picture yourself soaking in it early on a weekend morning five years from now, or hosting summer barbecues with your friends over and over again through the years.

Every great relationship starts with an introduction. To get acquainted with our current models, take a look through the luxury and premium spa lines offered by Caldera and download our brochure. If you’d like to get a feel for our spas in person, click here to find your local dealer’s showroom so you can visit them for a test soak or shop virtually.

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