Shopping Tools

Once you’ve decided to invest in a new spa, it’s important to compare models and features to make sure you choose the ideal hot tub for you and your family. To make that process easier, we’ve included a variety of online tools to simplify your decision.

As you narrow your choices, we recommend an important extra step that is most decidedly NOT online—take a test soak at your nearby Caldera dealer. It’s the best way to choose the model that best meets your needs and experience what a Caldera hot tub can do for you.

Learn what your current hot tub is worth as a trade-in toward the purchase of a new Caldera Spas hot tub. Once you complete the simple online form, your local authorised Caldera Spas dealer will contact you with a free competitive, no obligation estimate.

Submit a quick form that specifies the models you’re interested in and then download a free brochure with the information you need to help you make an informed hot tub purchase.

Try it before you buy it. Schedule a test soak at your local dealer to experience the Pure Comfort™ of a Caldera Spas hot tub. You’ll experience the exceptional quality and performance of a Caldera spa, and enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of a hot tub.

Simply fill in the short form to give us an idea of what model(s) interests you, and your local authorised Caldera Spas dealer will contact you with free price information.

What will bringing a hot tub home look like for you? Will it provide balance and relaxation? Holistic wellness and healing? Socialisation? A bit of everything? Answering these kinds of questions first will help to simplify your search and bring you closer to your ideal home spa from the start.