Customise Your Spa Experience with our Hot Tub Accessories!

Once you’ve chosen a Caldera® Spa model that best fits your needs, you can customise it with hot tub accessories that enhance your experience and help you relax fully. Our accessories make ordinary operation and maintenance easier and more efficient. 

Caldera has the supplies to effectively treat your water, provide entertainment like music and tv, and easily cover your spa. Outside the hot tub accessories like steps, pillows, and umbrellas are also available. Below you can browse our wide selection of high quality hot tub accessories, parts, and supplies to see how you can make your hot tub just right.

Hot Tub Steps

Caldera® offers spa steps to provide safe and easy entry and exit from your hot tub. Our spa steps come in different varieties so you can match the design of your hot tub. Choose from our Utopia™, Paradise™ & Vacanza™ Series Steps, and Polymer Hot Tub Steps.

Covers & Lifters

A well-designed hot tub cover and easy-to-use lifter are key to efficient hot tub use. A variety of cover lifter choices are available so you can choose the one that works best in your space.

Water Care

Our efficient and simple hot tub water care systems make it easier than ever to keep the water in your hot tub fresh and crystal clear.

Smart Spa Technology

The Caldera Spas App, powered by the Connected Spa Kit allows you to control and monitor your spa from home or on the go.

Entertainment Systems

Relax to your own personal music play list on one of our wireless music entertainment system choices.

Spa Side Accessories

Caldera offers outside the hot tub accessories such as umbrellas, pillows, spa steps, and railings.


With the CoolZone® hot tub cooling system, your Caldera® spa can both heat and cool the water – something that is not possible in most hot tubs.

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