Planning Guides and Checklists

Purchasing a hot tub is a big decision with many important factors to consider. The planning guides and checklists below are designed to provide you with all the information you need in one place to make your spa shopping and installation process as smooth as possible.

If you have any additional questions, your local Caldera dealer is ready, willing and able to answer them.

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Choose Your Spa

You want your hot tub to meet your needs for years to come. To make sure your spa fits your lifestyle, it’s important to consider not only the size, seating and features that are right for you, but also your hot tub’s operating costs, ease of use, quality and reliability.

9 Tips to Help Make Your Spa Installation a Success

Planning ahead is key to a smooth and successful hot tub installation. Your spa’s location will affect how you use and enjoy it, and you’ll need to consider several factors—such as power supply, foundation, privacy, and local building codes—to ensure years of trouble-free hot tubbing.

Why Renew, Restore and Reconnect in a Caldera® Spa?

A premier hot tub experience requires more than just hot water. Caldera spas are built for comfort, quality, easy maintenance and unsurpassed hydromassage so you can enjoy relaxation and renewal every day. Superior energy efficiency keeps your water hot and your operating costs low.

7 Reasons to Consider Caldera Spas

With a wide range of sizes, features, and jet configurations to choose from, there’s a perfect Caldera spa for every hot tub shopper. Caldera spas offer comfort, performance, and style to deliver an unsurpassed hydrotherapy experience while keeping energy costs low and maintenance simple.

Prepare for a Successful Hot Tub Installation

This Spa Planning Checklist will help ensure that all goes smoothly when your new hot tub arrives, and that you can enjoy your own private spa retreat for years to come. Once you’ve experienced the performance and style of your Caldera spa, you’ll want to make it part of your daily routine for exceptional self-care and daily transformation.

Hot Tub Pricing Legend

Get all the information you need to make your best decision.