So, You Ordered a Hot Tub: Now What?

Before I owned my Caldera® spa, I would often daydream about how I would use one. I pictured inviting friends over for dinner and capping off the evening with an impromptu soak session, creating a sacred “no-phone-zone” to connect with my husband, or my personal favourite, quietly slipping away from everyone and stepping into my spa for some much-needed self-care.

As a member of the Caldera Spas marketing team, fantasising about hot tubs is a normal part of my job. So, you can imagine my excitement when earlier this year my daydream turned into a reality, and I became the owner of a Utopia Series Geneva spa.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my hot tub ownership experience, in the hopes that it will help prospective hot tubbers on their own journey.


My beautiful Utopia Series Geneva spa with Java cabinet and Arctic White shell.


The hot tub pad. We poured the concrete 3 weeks prior to delivery so the concrete had time to fully cure.


Choosing the right hot tub is just the first step toward a wellness ritual that will provide years and years of calm, comfort, and relaxation. But once you’ve taken the leap and made your purchase, what comes next? Having recently become a proud member of the “Hot Tubbers Club,” I want to share some of the most important factors I considered on the road to setting up my ultimate hot tub haven.

Where Will it Go?

Finding the perfect place for your hot tub takes thought and planning. While every space is different, here are a few things to consider:


For the most relaxing experience, your hot tub should be sheltered as much as possible from street noise and the eyes of neighbors. When selecting a spot for your hot tub, be sure to check all the angles – and don’t forget to look up. Ideally the location you select won’t be visible from the street or from your neighbours’ second floor windows. If your space doesn’t offer the privacy you desire, don’t worry! Consider adding a pergola, large outdoor umbrella, gazebo, or take our approach by adding strategically placed trees and tall shrubbery.


When you’re weighing options for where to put your hot tub, walking all the way across the garden for a soak might not seem significant. But trust me, proximity to the house matters. I know from experience that if something isn’t easy to use, you won’t use it regularly. My husband and I wanted to be sure our hot tub was easy to get in and out of, without walking through wet grass or getting our feet dirty. Now, even though it might be rainy or cold outside, we never have to skip our daily ritual.


What do you want to look at while you’re soaking in your hot tub? When deciding on placement, it’s a good idea to consider the seat configuration of your model. In my case, the Utopia Series Geneva model has a beautiful lounge seat. We positioned our spa so that the lounge seat has the best view, looking toward the trees.

Speaking of views, be sure to consider what you see from inside your home, as you look out at the garden. At Caldera Spas, we believe hot tubs should be beautiful! One of the reasons I chose the Utopia Series is because of the new EcoTech Plus cabinet features which include a modern black header, wood grain accent, stainless-steel trim, and integrated LED light bar. I love looking out at my garden and admiring my new spa.

View of the hot tub pad from my family room.


How Will it Look in My Garden?

I’m using the Vision AR™ App by Caldera Spas to see my hot tub virtually.


I admit it, I drive my husband a little nuts every time we buy a new piece of furniture or attempt to hang a picture or mirror. It’s important that everything be placed just right and that can mean lots of repositioning and adjusting. But there was no heavy lifting required when it came to finding the perfect spot for our new spa – thanks to the Vision AR app by Caldera Spas. After I loaded the app on my phone, I selected the Utopia Series Geneva and pointed my phone at various spaces in my garden. With a touch, I could visualise just how my hot tub would look in my space. I loved how the user-friendly augmented technology made choosing a model, trying out different colour options, and deciding where the spa would go simple and painless. I was even able to snap a pic and send it to my husband to get his thoughts!


Your hot tub haven can be designed to blend in beautifully with your garden and reflect your personal style. Whether you’re adding a spa to an already landscaped garden or starting from scratch (or maybe you’re somewhere in between, like me) you can be assured that your new Caldera spa will beautifully accent the space. Either on their own or with the addition of plants, hardscape and accessories, they are designed to enhance any landscaping style, from modern to traditional.

How Do I Prepare My Space?


Once you’ve found the perfect location for your hot tub, you’ll need a structurally sound, level surface to put it on. You have some options here – you can choose a concrete slab, a deck, or a prefabricated spa pad. Whatever you decide, remember that a filled hot tub can weigh a great deal, so make sure the location you choose can support the weight. Our Owner’s Manual and your local Caldera Spas dealer can help you with the necessary steps. How big do you want the prepared surface under your hot tub to be? A rule of thumb is that it should be at least a little bigger than your spa’s footprint. Our Geneva hot tub is 226 × 226 cm ft and we chose to pour a 350 × 350 cm concrete pad. This ensures that there will be plenty of space to walk around the hot tub so we can keep our feet clean.


While the requirements aren’t complicated, there are some important safety codes that make it important to engage a professional licensed electrician. That being said, hot tub power requirements vary. . For details about our hot tub electrical requirements, read our Owner’s Manual.

Take Advantage of These Helpful Links and Our Network of Independent Dealers.

Thanks for letting me share the first steps of my hot tub ownership journey with you. Remember, you don’t have to be a member of the Caldera team to have a seamless installation. Our team has come up with an array of helpful tools to streamline the buying, planning, and installation process. Visit to check out our Hot Tub Buyers Guide, Hot Tub Planning ToolsOwner’s Manual, and information about our Vision AR app. Our Caldera Spas dealers are hot tub enthusiasts and are ready and waiting to answer questions and provide an exceptional experience every step of the way.

Sitting in my favourite seat – the UltraMassage™ Lounge. I love the view from this seat while the jets massage my neck, shoulders, full back, calves and feet.


My husband and I are excited to be members of the “Hot Tubbers” club!


I have so much more to tell you, but my Caldera spa is warm and waiting, and I think it’s time for my daily soak!

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