10 Tips for Creating a Garden You Can’t Wait to Come Home to.

Being on the Caldera Spas marketing team, I have the good fortune to spend every day doing work that I’m passionate about — sharing the benefits of hot tubbing so owners can experience the calm, well-being, and transformation a Caldera spa provides.

It should come as no surprise that I soon wanted a Caldera spa of my own! My husband was just as enthusiastic, and as a contractor, he was up for the challenge of creating a personal hot tub haven in the garden of our new home.

I knew just what I wanted in a hot tub, so it didn’t take long to settle on the perfect one, the beautiful six-seater Geneva model from Caldera’s Utopia Series.

My beautiful Utopia Series Geneva spa with Java cabinet and Arctic White shell.

After deciding on the Utopia Series Geneva, we turned our focus toward designing the area around our spa. We wanted to create a special space that was beautiful, comfortable, and uniquely “us.” We looked forward to spending hours in our new garden, relaxing as a couple, enjoying family time, and entertaining friends. As we went through the process, we came across so many great ideas that I had to share some. If you already own a Caldera spa, or are shopping for one, these tips will help you make your hot tub a special space that you won’t want to leave:

10 Ways to Elevate Your Garden Space

  1. Add a path to your hot tub. Like the frame around a picture, a path accents your hot tub and defines the space around it. Ours is made of concrete, and it not only looks great, but keeps our feet clean so we don’t transport dirt into the spa water. You can also use flagstones, pavers, or any kind of hard surface. I don’t recommend gravel though, because it can be rough on bare feet — ouch!

    Our concrete pavers make it so easy to get into our spa, whatever the weather.


  2. Play with outdoor lighting. Any landscaper will tell you that lighting provides a lot of impact for a small investment. We used a mixture of in-ground path lighting to illuminate the way to our hot tub and inexpensive string lights overhead for ambiance. We added some colourful lanterns at the steps of our hot tubs for a fun, personal touch.

  3. Create a seating zone to keep the conversation going. There’s something about spending time together in a hot tub that encourages conversation. Setting up an outdoor couch or comfy lounge chairs nearby adds style to your space, and gives everyone a place to eat, chat, and relax.

    The comfy seating we added to our patio means that there’s space for everyone in or out of the water.


  4.  Add a fire pit. There are many options when it comes to adding a fire pit to your space. Whether you choose a portable gas or wood burning model (hello, S’mores), or incorporate a built-in into your design, you’ll love sitting around a warm crackling fire after a relaxing soak in your hot tub.

  5. Invest in a cover lifter. When your hot tub is conveniently placed, you’re more likely to use it every day. A cover lifter is an added plus and makes for even easier access. Caldera offers cover lifter options that allow you to effortlessly remove your spa cover. My favourite is the Prolift III — I’m a fan of its sleek, low-profile design, and smooth, gliding mechanism.
  6. Be able to accommodate sun or shade. For an outdoor space you’ll enjoy year-round, make sure you have a mixture of sun and shade to protect you from the elements. Choose from hardscape options like a gazebo or pergola or go with an umbrella or canopy that can be easily raised, lowered and adjusted.

  7. Add decorative elements like soft blankets, pillows and candles. Go ahead, add a pop of colour — accessories are the quickest, most economical way I can think of to personalise your space. Our goal was to make our garden as welcoming as our living room, and I think we succeeded.

    I love that my patio now feels like an extension of my home!


  8. Add native plants for a lush, natural vibe. Plants, trees, and shrubs provide both beauty and shade, and when thoughtfully designed, can muffle street noise and create a sheltered, private space for your hot tub ritual.

  9.  Bring out a table for al fresco dining. When the weather is balmy and the hot tub is bubbling, it can be hard to come inside. Enjoy the outdoors a little longer by setting up an eating area for morning coffee or weekend barbeques

  10. Plant a small garden with your favourite plants, flowers, and vegetables. I love the idea of growing my own vegetables and herbs, and luckily, there are lots of easy ways to create a garden, regardless of how much space you have. Browse your local garden or home store for ideas.

If you’ve been looking forward to spending more time outdoors this summer, I hope these ideas will inspire you to create your own perfect space. Now that our garden is (almost) complete, we find ourselves spending more time outside relaxing, both in and out of our hot tub.

I’m just loving sharing the details of my hot tub journey with you and look forward to sharing more insights in the weeks to come.

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