Maintaining the Ideal Hot Tub Temperature

“Let’s heat up the hot tub!” How often have you said or heard those words, then sat and waited for the spa water to reach a comfortable temperature? Chances are, by the time it did, the moment had passed!

When you’re ready to step into your Caldera® spa for a relaxing soak, there’s no need to wait. One of the many benefits of having a Caldera hot tub at home is that it can be kept warm and ready for your daily hot tub ritual, or to enjoy with friends and family.

Your Caldera Spa Will Be Ready When You Are

In-ground spas are typically open to the elements, allowing heat to escape, but Caldera spas are built with foam insulated shells and custom-fitted, high-density covers that lock the heat in and energy-efficient heaters that maintain a consistent temperature while keeping energy bills low.

Once you’ve determined your preferred hot tub temperature, the best approach — for the life of your spa, for your convenience, and for energy efficiency — is to set it at that temperature and keep it there.

So, Just How Hot Should a Hot Tub Be?

While the ideal hot tub temperature varies from person to person and depends on factors such as age and personal preference, there are some recommended standard guidelines that are important to observe.

These simple tips will help you find the right hot tub temperature for yourself and your family:

  • Don’t Exceed 40 °C for Adults

    The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that temperatures above 40 °C are dangerous for adults because they can lead to heatstroke. In general, people are most comfortable with temperatures between 37.5–39 °C. Adults are safe to soak at these moderate temperatures for twenty minutes at a time.

  • Start Low and Work Your Way Up

    When deciding what temperature your hot tub should be, it’s best to start low, as it’s easier to bump it up than to bring it down once you’re already uncomfortable. Set the controls to 36.5 °C or 37 °C and increase it in gradual increments depending on your comfort level. It’s important to listen to your body and to get to know your personal comfort zone.

  • Adjust Spa Settings when Soaking with Others

    If you have more than one person in the tub at a time, set the temperature to the lowest preferred — or lowest recommended — temperature of everyone in the group.

  • Lower Temperature a Few Degrees When Appropriate

    In general, it’s simpler and more efficient to leave your hot tub constantly set to your desired temperature than it is to lower it when the tub is not in use. Still, there may be times when you’ll want to proactively decrease the temperature by a few degrees — or by many degrees if you’re recovering from strenuous exercise.

    Consider lowering the temperature of your tub in advance if any of these circumstances apply:

    • You’re planning to build up your body heat in the tub through physical activity like stretching or yoga.
    • You’re already overheated from activity, illness, or a particularly hot day.
    • Children or other heat-sensitive individuals will be joining you in the hot tub.
  • Use your Hot Tub to Cool Off when the Temperature Rises

    Your hot tub will be a popular place to escape the summer heat if you turn the temperature below 35 °C. Some hot tubs are capable of lowering the water temperature quickly and efficiently by using a system such as the CoolZone®, which can be an especially welcome and refreshing option in warmer climates.

With a Caldera spa in your garden, you have everything you need to create a comfortable, energy-efficient hot tub haven that suits your household and your lifestyle.

If you have more questions about how hot your hot tub should be, your knowledgeable local dealer has the answers. You’re well on your way to a blissful soaking experience.

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