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To assist you in the design of your backyard, spa specification renderings are available for your use. These renderings are drawn to scale, and can help you determine how to integrate your Caldera® spa into your backyard for optimum enjoyment. Your Caldera spa dealer can also help you enhance your spa as you design a backyard by providing you with ideas for decking and other hot tub accessories and enclosures

Specification PDF CAD
2019 Vacanza Vanto™
2019 Vacanza Tarino™
2019 Vacanza Palatino™
2019 Vacanza Marino™
2019 Vacanza Celio™
2019 Vacanza Capitolo™
2019 Vacanza Aventine™
2019 Utopia Tahitian™
2019 Utopia Provence™
2019 Utopia Niagara™
2019 Utopia Geneva™
2019 Utopia Florence™
2019 Utopia Cantabria™
2019 Paradise Seychelles™
2019 Paradise Salina™
2019 Paradise Reunion™
2019 Paradise Martinique™
2019 Paradise Makena™
2019 Paradise Kauai™
2018 Aventine Vacanza™
2018 Cantabria Utopia™
2018 Capitolo Vacanza™
2018 Celio Vacanza™
2018 Florence Utopia™
2018 Geneva Utopia™
2018 Kauai Paradise™
2018 Makena Paradise™
2018 Marino Vacanza™
2018 Martinique Paradise™
2018 Niagara Utopia™
2018 Palatino Vacanza™
2018 Provence Utopia™
2018 Salina Paradise™
2018 Tahitian Utopia™
2018 Vanto Vacanza™
2017 Vanto Vacanza™
2017 Tahitian Utopia™
2017 Salina Paradise™
2017 Palatino Vacanza™
2017 Niagara Utopia™
2017 Martinique Paradise™
2017 Marino Vacanza™
2017 Makena Paradise™
2017 Kauai Paradise™
2017 Geneva Utopia™
2017 Cantabria Utopia™
2017 Aventine Vacanza™
2014 Marino Vacanza™
2011 Martinique Paradise™
2011 Salina Paradise™
2011 Vanto Vacanza™
2011 Kauai Paradise™
2010 Elation Aquatic Melodies™
2010 Geneva Utopia™
2010 Martinique Paradise™
2010 Niagara Utopia™
2010 Palatino Vacanza™
2010 Kauai Paradise™
2010 Marino Vacanza™
2010 Tahitian Utopia™
2010 Cantabria Utopia™
2010 Aventine Vacanza™
2008 Elation Aquatic Melodies™
2008 Kauai Paradise™
2008 Geneva Utopia™
2008 Martinique Paradise™
2008 Niagara Utopia™
2008 Tahitian Utopia™
2008 Aventine Vacanza™

The PDF spa renderings are available for immediate download. For best results, remove the "fit to page" option in your print box. The CAD files are for professional use only, and cannot be viewed or downloaded without the appropriate AutoCAD software. All images are for reference purposes only. Please build according to actual spa dimensions. Manufacturing tolerances are not represented in the renderings.