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Stats & Facts to Help You on Your Hot Tub Buying Journey

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Considering a hot tub? It’s a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one.

 There are many important considerations for first-time hot tub shoppers– considerations that may not be top of mind when starting on the path to ownership.  Hot tub owners and industry insiders know the one-size-fits-all label doesn’t apply to hot tubs, and that different brands and models offer different soaks for different folks.

To help simplify the shopping experience for first-time buyers, we’ve created the infographic below to steer future owners towards a hot tub that best fits their lifestyle. It provides helpful thought-starters as well as a few fun spa facts that show how effortless and affordable owning a hot tub can be.


















































































As avid hot-tubbers ourselves, we know that experiencing the rejuvenating benefits of regular use starts with finding the hot tub that best suits your individual needs.

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