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Relax With Your Personal Soundtrack

An entertainment system inside your home helps you relax, release tension and get away for a while in order to clear your mind. A hot tub entertainment system does even more, because you’re immersed in a warm, soothing water with a tension-releasing massage while you watch or listen. It’s a great way to relax your mind and body at the same time.


Wireless sound system with Bluetooth

Our Bluetooth® music options heighten your spa enjoyment and help you unwind as you relax or enjoy a massage for your tired muscles. Stream music live or play from your own music library.


Integrated Speakers - Utopia™ Series

Our music version Utopia models feature three pairs of 2.5 cm low profile speakers that surround the contoured pillow headrests. These integrated waterproof speakers produce a robust, high quality sound driven by the Wireless Sound System with Bluetooth® Technology as well as a separate subwoofer.


Integrated Speakers - Paradise™ Series

Our music version Paradise Series spas include integrated 9 cm waterproof speakers. These sleek speakers are thoughtfully placed for great sound quality. They also feature the Wireless Sound System with Bluetooth Technology and a separate subwoofer




Vacanza™ Series

Most Vacanza models can be ordered with the Wireless Sound System with Bluetooth Technology including wellplaced speakers to enhance your spa enjoyment. A separate subwoofer can optionally be added.


High-Definition Hot Tubbing

Entertainment makes a big splash with an optional 55 cm highdefinition display. HDMI and USB connectors accommodate a variety of streaming and cable devices. This monitor pairs with the wireless entertainment system.