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At Caldera, we do more than sell hot tubs. We design and carefully construct a product with extraordinary benefits that can bring positive change and help transform your life. A Caldera spa gives you access to effective warm water massage therapy right at home, helping you feel renewed and refreshed, even when you have only a few moments to spare.

With a Caldera® Spa, you release the accumulated stress of daily life. You accelerate recovery of tired muscles from your workout or whatever other activity is important to your quality of your life. You calm your thoughts and rejuvenate your mind. You always have the chance to emerge from a hot tub changed, improved

You can become more relaxed. Rejuvenated. Soothed. Tensions release. Your body, as a result of hot tub hydrotherapy, is warmed, more flexible and limber. Pain is alleviated. Your mind clears and is calmed.

You are transformed.

Whether your tension is from workplace stress or recreational activities that range from gardening to golf, cycling to sitting at your computer, tension accumulates in your body.

Releasing that stress is important to your physical health as well as your attitude, and affects nearly every part of life, potentially including from how well your immune system functions to how well you relate to the people around you.

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For more than 40 years, Caldera has been one of the world’s most trusted spa-hot tub brands.
Enhance the Earth-Friendliness of Your Caldera Hot Tub.

A Caldera Spa can bring you back to where you belong. With a spa, you simply take time to submerge, relax, and release. You enter with tension. You emerge transformed. If it didn’t feel so relaxing and indulgent, you could consider it purely medicinal, curative and preventative.