What’s Important To Know About Jets When You’re Buying A Spa?

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By just looking at a spa, it’s very difficult to assess its jets and what they will deliver. First and foremost, don’t be fooled by appearances. Often, the jets can be the “sizzle” that’s meant to impress just by the way they look. For instance, you might see a wide variety of dazzling metal trim sizes surrounding the jet opening, but they might be window dressing.

Look Closer

  • Is there variety in the actual diameter of the jet opening (not the outer diameter of the trim) or all they all the same?
  • Do different jets provide different types of massage actions (pulsating, rotating, etc.)?
  • If there are larger jets or a large number of jets, is the pump powerful enough to move water through them properly?

After all, when you visit your spa every day, you should expect and get relief where you need it. Where do you store stress in your body? Lower back? A tight hip? Your neck? Feet? One of the great reasons to own a spa is to release the tension that accumulates throughout your body. So make sure the jets are placed to give you relief right where you need it.

Based on years of testing and innovation, Caldera spas are designed with many different jet sizes and types (not just different trim sizes) that deliver a massage based on the part of the body where they’re focused. Larger, more powerful jets are positioned to provide a deeper massage to large muscle groups where tension tends to accumulate. Others provide a gentler massage for areas that need a lighter touch. Some offer a pulsating or rotating water flow that can help knead the tension from tired muscles.

As a result, you can get a customized, personal massage experience, literally neck to toe. It's like a daily muscle meditation.

It’s All About You…So Customize!

Make sure the jets you’re considering allow you to customize your massage. By adjusting water flow and volume through the jets, you can design a purely individual. In some cases, certain jet types are interchangeable, which allows you to customize even more. From the wide, single opening of our Euphoria jet that can deliver a deep-kneading muscle massage to small jets for the soles of your feet, we construct spas with up to eight different jet types, all placed to give you the best results. In fact, we believe configuring jets and jet types is something of an art form. We’ve done it to create the ideal therapeutic or relaxing massage AND to let you customize the direction of flow of water in a way that works for you.

If you’re in the market for a new spa, remember how important the variety of jet types and configurations are. But also remember that no matter what types of jets or how many jets a spa has, they are of little use if the jet pump that moves the water through them is inadequate to deliver a high-quality massage.

How Many Jets Do I Really Need?

There’s no easy answer to that question. The number of jets you need or want really depends on your preferences, the size of the spa and the number of people who will use it at one time. Most important of all, what do you want to get from a spa massage? Are you a runner, tennis player or do other activities and would really benefit from a hamstring massage? What about your calves? Your feet? Will your trouble spots be well attended to?

More is not necessarily better. It’s a personal decision, so spend time thinking about what’s most important to you.

Before purchasing, check the jet pump specs and make sure you take a test soak. As you compare, just remember: you can always get a gentle massage from a powerful pump, but you’ll never get a deep, thorough massage from an inadequate pump.


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