Shopping for Hot Tubs: Find the Right Fit

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September 2013

One of the biggest lessons I learned growing up was from Cinderella – the right fit is everything. I’m only kind of kidding. Maybe it wasn’t the most important or life-changing revelation, but the adage certainly is relevant beyond shoes.  From cars and homes to clothing and décor, it seems we’re always on the hunt to find the right fit. My checklist goes something like this:  Does it reflect my personality? Meet my checklist of functional criteria? Make my life easier? Make me comfortable? Does it fit within my budget?

You may be asking the very same questions about finding the right spa for your home.

If you are shopping for a new hot tub, think about your specific needs and let them guide you towards finding the right fit. Hot tub owners LeRoy and Karon took this approach as well, conducting plenty of research before they discovered that the Caldera Martinique® was right for their lifestyle. Take a look at the list of must-haves to see if any of them click with you, and learn why they consider their spa a “wonderful investment.”

Below are a few additional items to think through as you begin your spa research.

Size Matters
Do you have a family or want a wider range of options for hot tub Hydrotherapy? Opt for more spacious
spa models like the Cantabria® or  Vanto®. If you’re looking for a more intimate experience or alone time with the hydromassage jets, a smaller model like the Caldera Aventine® or Kauai® may suit you perfectly. Also, remember to be mindful of what size spa fits in your yard. You’ll want room to create a peaceful space around your spa in an accessible location rather than hiding it in a corner (try our deck design tool if you’d like a little help imagining your backyard with a spa).

Hot Tub Features
What do you want out of a spa? Comfort, style, and performance are the most important components to many Caldera customers, so our spas are designed accordingly! Caldera spas are design to keep people in their seats while the jets are on through anchor points like our footridge so you don’t have to fight to stay in place – a much more comfortable and relaxing experience. Of course a quality built product will be top of mind for you as it is for Caldera. These spas are built to last and for ease of maintenance so you can spend less time maintaining and more time simply enjoying it. In addition to seat configuration, jet systems and ease of maintenance, there are dozens of features to consider when researching hot tubs The best way to determine what features to add to your must-have list is to take a look at a few different models and their features. This handy comparison tool can help you do that in no time at all.

Research Tools
Equipped with your list of desired features, it’s time to turn to some helpful online resources, such as SpaSearch and PoolSpaForum. These websites are filled with reviews and tips on what to look for when purchasing a spa. Interested in a Caldera model? We hope so! When you step into a Caldera spa, you’ll know it is the right fit.  Designed with Pure Comfort® in mind, you can move from seat to seat while feeling cocooned in the comfort of warm water, as the targeted jets melt away post-workout aches or stress from a long day at the office. The peace of mind and sense of rejuvenation you’ll feel each time you step out of the hot tub will be a reminder of why you chose more than a product – you chose a lifestyle. Take a look at what some of our happy customers – like LeRoy and Karon - are saying about how they found their right fit.

Once you think you’ve settled on what model is right for you, schedule a test soak to experience a Caldera Spa for yourself.  The “right” hot tub is different for everyone, and finding that fit will ensure that your ownership experience is an enriching and revitalizing one.

If you have any additional questions about finding the right spa for your needs, leave them for us in the comments below.


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