Live Dry, Recover Wet: The Magic of Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

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October 2013

In past posts we’ve described water as a "magic elixir"—drinking 8 to 10 glasses a day helps keep the mind sharp and the body healthy. It turns out that water is so much more than a vital hydration beverage; it’s also an ideal environment for helping our bodies recover from the daily stresses of life.

Speaking of stress, I just saw Gravity, the blockbuster Hollywood movie about astronauts adrift in space. In the film, the gravitational pull of our planet beckons Dr. Stone (a symbolic name if ever one existed; Stone equals rock equals solid ground)—played by Sandra Bullock—back to earth. Her ensuing race to find her own terra firma is a heart-pounding thriller. I won’t spoil the outcome but can’t help pointing out a parallel between that film and the one you’re about to see: Water plays a role in both.

In the case of Gravity, I’ll only say the earth’s surface—its vast dark seas and sparse terrain—stretches across the wide screen as an auspicious and ever-present character. And in the case of our short video, Live Dry, Recover Wet, water takes center stage as a featured player, a hero of sorts, here to help us live well and feel better.

Watch as our national trainer Scott Iverson shares some fascinating details about the role that water plays in our lives. Immersing in it—especially warm water—is a natural way to recover from the negative effects of our own gravitational pull—of living on dry land. What Scott shares will help explain why we encourage you to "take your wellness from the water" by enjoying your hot tub more often. We’d love to hear what you think about Scott’s beach-side chat.

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