Health & Happiness Tips: A Summer Round-Up

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August 2013

It is hard to believe that this is the last week of August. If your life is anything like mine, you can’t remember swapping out your wardrobe from wool to light airy cotton, or switching your go-to drink from hot cocoa to iced green tea. In a bit of a surprise twist, beach weather came and went without much notice from me this year.

The approach of bathing suit season is typically the time when I high-tail it to a fitness trainer in my quest for a bikini body.  For the past eight months I’ve been focusing on how I feel more than how I look. It’s been transformational. And while some of the changes are subtle (I may still reach for a brownie in the break room), my outlook has shifted from worrying about the number on the scale to something more empowering.

Feeling healthy and having a positive outlook on life are my top priorities now.  I structure and schedule my days in a way that supports a balanced (or at least more balanced) lifestyle that includes time for daily exercise and relaxation – often in my spa. I also plan my meals ahead of time and strive for 8 hours of sleep each night. I’m far from perfect, but I have a few tricks that keep me mostly on track-- like good blog posts. I’ve bookmarked several health, happiness and well-being sites that are my go-to inspiration resources. Not one to keep a good thing to myself, I’m sharing six of my favorite articles from the summer in the hopes they’ll inspire you, too.

25 Things Happy People Do Differently – I have been pondering this list of advice from Mind Body Green during my time in the hot tub. The soothing jets release the tension in my body, and open my mind to think about my attitude and how I can continue to approach life joyfully.

Six Reasons to Sleep Seven Hours – The Everyday Health infographic explains the importance of sleep in protecting your heart, and helping your lungs function. Still struggling to catch more zzz’s? I find that 20 minutes in a hot tub can help.

4 Running Motivation Tricks – One of the hardest things about exercising is just getting started. These tips from Women’s Health will help motivate you for your next fitness activity. These suggestions helped me hit a few early-morning Pilates classes. How will they motivate you? Ready, Set, Go!

5 Healthier Lunch Ideas – Looking for quick, easy, and delicious lunch ideas for work?  This 20 Minute Renewal Blog Post features great meals for your lunch bag. 

25 Happiest, Healthiest Cities in AmericaPrevention highlights the top 25 Healthiest Cities in America. See what put these towns on the list, and incorporate some of the ideas where you live.

Beauty Is Wellness: 5 Everyday Dishes that Offer Natural Summer Sun-Protection
Organic Spa Living shares foods that provide extra defense against the sun. If you’re a runner or a daytime hot tubber, this post is a great resource.

These are a few of my favorites. I’m hoping you can help me add to this list. What blogs or websites do you look to for information on self-care and well-being?


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