The Benefits of Your Private Backyard Retreat

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In previous posts on 20-minute Renewal, we’ve shared the benefits of hot tub ownership, circuit therapy and spa lighting for your mood, and recently we provided some useful tips for creating a perfect backyard retreat. With your outdoor space transformed into an ideal place to sit, relax and unwind, it’s time to get the most benefits from your new private and peaceful spa setting.

Caldera spa owners tell us their hot tub helps them feel rejuvenated, restored, and better able to experience greater overall wellness. Whether you arrive at your sanctuary to disconnect from the world, reconnect with yourself, reflect on a troubling issue, or problem solve, aim to spend about twenty minutes in your hot tub in quiet reflection at least a few times a week. In addition to giving you time to reflect, this quiet time is also a form of meditation. A recent study on Perspectives on Psychological Science defined meditation as “the non-judgmental awareness of experiences in the present moment.”

Below are three simple ways to make your daily 20 minutes in the spa transformational.

  • Deep breathing - When it’s time to enjoy your oasis, take a moment as you move from inside your home to the backyard to acknowledge that you are entering your relaxation zone. As you walk out to your hot tub take a few large deep breaths; inhale  through your nose and out through your mouth. Take deep breaths and feel the grass on your feet, the sun shining down on your skin, or the coolness of the night air. Deep breathing helps calm the mind, regulate heartbeat, and lower stress levels.
  • Turn off the jets - Keep the jets off for the first few minutes and continue your deep breathing. Feel the water on your skin and the warmth of water against your body. Focus on the water’s calm movements and the gentle sway of your body from side to side.
  • Reflect - Avoid letting your thoughts drift to the past or fast forward to future. Instead focus your attention on your breath, the movement of the water, and being in the present moment.

As you begin to take advantage of your backyard retreat and make time in your hot tub a priority each day, you may want to play some relaxing music or even listen to a guided meditation. Consider writing down different adjectives, song lyrics, quotes, or poetry on to long strips of paper. Put these in a special box (or even a fish bowl) and choose one at random to reflect upon each time you sit in your hot tub to relax. There are many ways to get creative about how you choose to take advantage of the wonderful retreat you have created for yourself. Enjoy!



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